Host Responsibilities

Hosts for seminar speakers are responsible for the following:

  • Inviting the Speaker
  • Seminar invitations are extended well in advance, and the date is locked in by the host in communication with the potential speaker. For email invitation examples, please email
  • Once the invitation is confirmed, the host enters the date on the PMB Seminar Calendar and the host's work is done -- until a week before the seminar.

Speaker's Arrival

One week before the Speaker's arrival the host should:

  • Get in contact with the Speaker and arrange pick-up at the hotel the morning of the seminar day.
  • Share speaker's appointment calendar with the speaker and make sure s/he gets to his/her appointments throughout the day.
  • Set up a dinner for Wednesday night. Up to 6 guests, including the speaker and host, may attend. Meals may not go over $81/person. Meal reimbursement informations here.
  • Note: Lunch- The Graduate students take the speaker out to lunch. The graduate student rep organizes the lunch host. 

PMB Support Staff Responsibilities

At this point, PMB Administrative staff will take over and do the following:

  • Arrange the speaker's travel, including air and hotel stay.
  • Keep in touch with the speaker, get the title of the seminar and create individual seminar flyers and a poster for the semester.
  • Publicize the seminar on UC Berkeley calendar and our website.
  • Announce the seminar to relevant speaker lists.

Internet access for speaker

CalVisitor provides a basic level of Wi-Fi access for those not affiliated with UC Berkeley or with no CalNet ID. To access CalVisitor, configure your Wi-Fi enabled device to select CalVisitor as the SSID for their wireless networking needs.

Any questions about your role as a Host?  Please email