Host Responsibilities

Hosts for seminar speakers are responsible for the following:

  • Inviting the Speaker
  • Seminar invitations are extended well in advance, and the date is locked in by the host in communication with the potential speaker. For email invitation examples, please email
  • Once the invitation is confirmed, the host enters the date on the PMB Seminar Calendar and the host's work is done -- until a week before the seminar.

Speaker's Arrival

One week before the Speaker's arrival the host should:

  • Get in contact with the Speaker and arrange pick-up at the hotel the morning of the seminar day.
  • Share speaker's appointment calendar with the speaker and make sure s/he gets to his/her appointments throughout the day.
  • Set up a dinner for Wednesday night. Up to 6 guests, including the speaker and host, may attend. Meals may not go over $81/person. Meal reimbursement informations here.

PMB Support Staff Responsibilities

At this point, PMB Administrative staff will take over and do the following:

  • Arrange the speaker's travel, including air and hotel stay.
  • Keep in touch with the speaker, get the title of the seminar and create individual seminar flyers and a poster for the semester.
  • Publicize the seminar on UC Berkeley calendar and our website.
  • Announce the seminar to relevant speaker lists.

Internet access for speaker

CalVisitor provides a basic level of Wi-Fi access for those not affiliated with UC Berkeley or with no CalNet ID. To access CalVisitor, configure your Wi-Fi enabled device to select CalVisitor as the SSID for their wireless networking needs.

Any questions about your role as a Host?  Please email