Outdoor, Other Space

Outdoor Space

The grassy area between Mulford Hall, the Li Ka Shing Center, and the Genetics & Plant Biology Building (near Pat Brown's Grill) can be reserved. Contact the CNR Facilities Team (Tony Gamez) at cnrfa_mgmt@berkeley.edu for reservations. Call Tony Gamez at 510.643.5252.

If alcohol is to be served a campus alcohol permit is required. The CNR Facilities Team can provide the paperwork that needs to be signed.

Additional Rooms on Campus

Molecular Cell Biology Department (includes scheduling of 80 Koshland and 174 Koshland)
Morgan Lounge (Morgan Lounge is located in Morgan Hall. It has a capacity of 39 people. If you are interested in reserving the space, please email morganloungeres@lists.berkeley.edu)


Classrooms are scheduled using a special process. Please see the link below to schedule a classroom:

Classroom Scheduling