Report a Problem

To ensure fast response to problems or concerns in PMB. Please follow the reporting protocol: 

  • Building maintenance: Koshland Hall residents should email Jon Rennella in CNR Facilities at sends e-mail) or call him at 664-4881.  Please cc so we can be informed. For after hours emergencies, please contact the Facilities Services 24-hour line at 642-1032, and follow up your call with and email to Jon and the PMB front desk. 
  • Badge problems or room access: If you have a problem with your badge or room access contact, provide the number on the front and back of your employee ID card and the room you need to access.
  • Website: Report any broken links or questions about iPMB or PMB website to, cc Please provide links or screenshots as a reference.
  • PMB Dishwasher Supplies or Common Space Issues: If you need to refill the dishwasher soap please contact, please provide the common space dishwasher room that needs the detergent, if you notice another issue in a common space please contact pmbdesk and provide as many details as possible
  • Other: Not sure who to contact about a problem or grievance send an email to Please provide as many details as possible.

Note: Please allow 24-48 hours for a response to  your inquiry