For Faculty

UPDATE: Please Use the New Direct Entry System for Travel and Entertainment

Campus directions can be found HERE (link is external).

Once you finish the report and before you submit it, you must sign the report yourself and have Joanne sign it as well.  It should then be uploaded with your supporting documents.

T&E Reimbursement Process for Faculty

***PLEASE NOTE: New request for more detailed attendee list.***

- Each attendee should have his/her title and affiliation annotated
- The list should be in alphabetical order by last name
- The list should be numbered 
Also, if you host an open-event, please provide a sign-in sheet, so folks can add this information when they arrive. 
    • Faculty may take up to six people to dinner including the host and the Seminar Speaker.
    • The maximum allowed amount for each dinner guest is $81 per person, including tax and tip. If you go over that amount you can choose to simply be reimbursed up to the limit or request an exception to the University's meal reimbursement policy.
    • Alcohol can be reimbursed.
    • An itemized receipt is required. Please ask if the restaurant does not automatically provide it.

*We cannot reimburse for spouses or family members without an exception, which must be approved by the PMB Chair and the CNR Dean. If employees wish to bring family members please ask for a separate receipt and pay separately for the family members. If the family member's attendance is for a legitimate university purpose, we can request an exception to the allowable entertainment expenses policy.

For the most up-to-date information on the reimbursement process, please visit:


Please contact PMB Front Desk, at sends e-mail), 510.642.9999.