Direct Entry for Travel Reimbursements

As of July 2018, the Controller’s Office has rolled out a simplified travel reimbursement process that eliminates duplicate data entry by CSS, shortens processing time to payment and puts more control of the process in the hands of employee-travelers. Please follow the steps below to process travel reimbursements. Please do not use the "old" travel reimbursement forms in BearBuy, they will be rejected. 

Video How to Here

How to Submit Your Travel Reimbursement Request Directly in the T&E System or see PDF Here

Log into the Reimbursement System
a. Go to
b. Choose “Go” at the top of the page
c. Log into the system with your CalNet ID and passphrase

Choose “Create New”
d. A “General Instructions” page will pop up—this is useful if you would like details on what to do before you begin to fill out the report or more information and tips on completing the report
e. When ready, choose “Let’s Begin” at the bottom of the page

Enter Your Traveler Information
f. Your name, vendor ID, and email will be automatically populated
g. Choose your Home Department from the drop-down list
h. Choose your Preferred Approver

Enter Your Trip Details
i. A TRV number will be automatically generated for your report
j. Enter a brief business purpose for the trip
k. Enter your trip length, departure, and return information

Enter Your Location Expenses
l. Enter your transportation information by selecting from a list of commonly used “Transportation Types” and entering your flight, vehicle, and/or ground transportation information
m. Indicate if your airfare was Direct Bill
n. Enter any miscellaneous expenses
o. Please note that receipts are required for airfare, rental cars, and lodging, as well as any expense over $75

Indicate Any Special Circumstances
p. Indicate if you have no special circumstances
q. Indicate if you need to report special circumstances related to meal expenses for other or lodging
r. Indicate if you need to report circumstances related to mixed business and personal days, transportation, airfare, group travel, or expenses paid by a third party
s. If you’re indicating special circumstances, write a brief explanation in the box provided

Detail Your Daily Expenses
t. Enter your daily expenses, the system will automatically calculate the totals
u. If you’ve indicated that you have special circumstances, you’ll be able to fill out your expenses for your special circumstances
v. If you selected per diem, it will show a breakdown of the daily rate, the number of days in the trip, and then the total amount, including when there are partial days

Enter Your Account Information
w. Choose your account type from a dropdown list, then populate the chartstring
x. Once you populate a chartstring, it will be saved so you can re-use it later

Submit Your Reimbursement Request
y. If you haven’t already submitted your receipts, you can submit them now in one of two ways:
i. Click the “Upload Receipts” button and upload your receipts to the travel report, OR
ii. Email your receipts to –if you need help, follow the instructions link on this page. It’s important the subject line of the email include the TRV number in the required format, which is the full 12 digit TRV report ID and the traveler’s last name in all capitals
1. For example: TRV000456789SMITH
z. When your report is complete, click the button that says “Submit report to Home Department Approver”
aa. If you need to, you can save this report and submit it later