Thursday 1.23
4-5:30 pm

Campus Tour (optional) – Leah and Nanticha will meet interviewees at the hotel lobby at 4:00pm.

6-8 pm

Dinner at Sliver with graduate students; Zoila, Becky, Nanticha, and Sean will meet interviewees at the hotel lobby to walk over to Sliver.

Friday 1.24
8-10 am Breakfast, introductions with department Chair John Coates. Erin and Tim will meet interviewees at the hotel lobby promptly at 8am to walk to campus.
10:15am -12:15pm

Faculty meetings and tours (part 1). Interviewees refer to personal schedule.

12:15-1:15 pm Lunch with faculty in the 5th floor conference room in Li Ka Shing.
1:30-4:15 pm

Faculty meetings and tours (part 2).  Interviewees refer to personal schedule.

5:10-8:30 pm Dinner with faculty and graduate students in The Home Room at the International House. Becky, Blake and Brady will walk interviewees promptly at 5:10 pm from the Hotel Shattuck Plaza to dinner.
Saturday 1.25
8-9 am Breakfast with graduate students in 338 Koshland Hall
9 am-4 pm Excursions to points of interest in the Bay Area with graduate students.
6 pm

Dinner at local restaurants with graduate students. Interviewees will sign-up in advance. A reservation list will be posted in the grad pad (374 Koshland).  After dinner, interviewees may attend a social hosted by our graduate students or return to the hotel.