Safety Committee Meetings

This page is dedicated to the PMB Saftey Committee

Mandate: To comply with state injury and illness prevention statutes, the campus requires every department to have a safety committee. The law requires that safety committees meet at least quarterly and have minutes recorded and kept on file. Meetings should include the following activities:

• Setting schedules for regular inspections of workspaces and reviewing inspection findings.

• Reviewing recent accidents; establishing or reviewing preventive measures and any correction deadlines.

• Addressing safety suggestions or complaints.

• Reviewing and investigating reports of hazardous conditions and coordinating corrections.

• Submitting suggestions to department management for safety program improvements.

• Developing and maintaining a system to communicate with others in the department regarding safety issues, such as with posters, fliers, or suggestion boxes

Authority: The Chair of the PMB Saftey Committee is: Professor Anastasios MELIS <>

Call the Office of Environment, Health & Safety at 642-3073 for more information and assistance in establishing or reinvigorating a department safety committee. Existing and new committees are also welcome to call for advice or reference materials or to enlist the help of EH&S staff to address a specific concern. EH&S staff are also available to attend safety committee meetings.

Link to Minutes

Minutes for Saftey Meeting: Thursday, September 12, 2019