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Graduate Student Advisor

Contact Lyn Rivera at 510.642.5167 or

111C Koshland Hall, Berkeley CA 94710-3102

Data Storage Capability for UC Berkeley 

UC Berkeley now offers a number of expanded storage options for faculty, students, and staff that greatly improve and enlarge your options for online collaboration, communication, and collection of data. Learn more at:

Grad Student Forms

Graduate students who are advanced to candidacy are to annually complete and submit: Academic Progress Report

Graduate Division's information resource on the web for students: Grad Link on the Web

Grad Student Mentoring

An important ingredient in your academic success and your professional development is the mentoring and guidance provided by faculty. Review the Graduate Division webpage, Getting Mentoring, to read valuable information on receiving the mentoring you need.

Lab Rotations

Lab rotations give first-year grad students the opportunity to explore areas of interest as possibilities for Ph.D. research by working in labs for a five-week period.

Students may view Rotations and Lab Openings in order to facilitate the connection between faculty members and students. Please download the Rotation and Permanent Lab Placement PDF for details on the process.

Profs on Parade

Schedule of faculty research presentations to first-year graduate students: Profs on Parade Schedule

PMB Logos and Branding

Department logos (both Plant & Microbial Biology and Graduate Group in Microbiology) are available to students, faculty and staff for downlaod at: PMB Logos and Branding


For official PMB document use, download at: PMB Letterheads