Lab Rotations

Lab Rotations for Students

Lab rotations give first-year grad students the opportunity to explore areas of interest as possibilities for Ph.D. research by working in labs for a 10-week period.

Students may view Rotations and Lab Openings in order to facilitate the connection between faculty members and students. Please download the Rotation and Permanent Lab Placement PDF for details on the process.

Need Help?

Contact Rocío Sanchez at 510-642-5167 or 111C Koshland Hall.


2019-2020 Rotation Schedule

Rotation Date Notify Rocio
1 9/9 to 11/15 9/4
2 11/25 to 2/14 11/20
3 2/18 to 5/1 2/12
4 5/12 to 6/26 5/6

Grace Period: 5/4-5/6
Permanent Lab Placement: 5/7-5/8
Thesis Lab Placement: 5/8