Graduate Student Instructors

Graduate Student Instructors

Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) Information

Welcome to the online application for GSI appointments in the Department of Plant & Microbial Biology. Below is information about GSI appointments for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 terms.

For a list of courses for which we will be hiring GSIs, see application link below. Please note that the number of GSIs required for a course may change based on enrollments.

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GSI appointments are at 50% time and include partial fee offsets. Occasionally a 25% GSI appointment is offered. GSI appointments do not include offsets for any non-resident tuition. For more information see the Fee Remission Program Bulletin
For general information on Berkeley campus GSI guidelines, resources, and support visit the Graduate Division’s GSI Teaching and Resource Center. You are responsible for following all requirements of the Graduate Division and Department relating to GSI appointments.
If assigned to teach a course, appointments are August 1 to December 31 for Fall and January 1 to May 31 for Spring. You are required to attend all lectures and lab/discussion sections for your assigned course, hold office hours as required and be present through the grading of final exams.

If you have additional questions or need to make changes once you submit the GSI application, please contact

Applicants must meet all Graduate Division requirements for the GSI appointment including being a registered graduate student with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and no more than two incompletes. In addition:

1.  All GSIs teaching for the first time on the Berkeley campus must attend the First-Time Teaching & Resource Center Conference. This conference is held at the beginning of each semester.

2. Every first-time GSI must successfully complete, the online course Professional Standards and Ethics for GSIs before they interact with students (in person or online) in their role as an instructor. GSIs can enroll in the course by going to the GSI Teaching and Resource Centers website.

3. Every first-time GSI must either have completed or be enrolled in a 300-level semester-long pedagogy seminar on teaching in the discipline offered by the GSI’s department. In PMB, this course is PMB 375 and is offered in the Fall semester only. First-time GSIs who fail to pass the 300-level course must retake and pass the course before they are eligible to teach again.

4. All first time GSIs must attend the New Academic Student Employee Orientation, which will include a 30-minute orientation by the university and a 30-minute presentation by UAW Local 2865. Go to HR Web for  the dates, times and locations for the New ASE Orientations.

For additional details on requirements see Appointments Handbook.