Profs on Parade

Profs on Parade

Profs on Parade provides faculty with an opportunity to showcase their lab's research to first year graduate students.


Faculty may input a date/time to give a presentation on the Profs on Parade Appointment Schedule. The date/time you input will save automatically and once it is entered it is confirmed and may only be changed in case of emergency. Faculty, if an emergency does arise please email the grad students at:


First-year students in the graduate program are required to attend the Profs on Parade sessions to gain an understanding of the research that is being performed in the various labs in the Department of Plant & Microbial Biology as well as the Graduate Group in Microbiology. Please view the schedule using the above link to see the dates and times of the presentations.

All presentations are held in Koshland Hall #338.

Questions? Please contact  or call 510.642.5167.