Lab Rotations

Lab Rotations

Lab rotations provide faculty the opportunity to have first year graduate students perform 10-week research rotations in their laboratory. Lab rotations allow faculty to explore the possibility of accepting a graduate student into their laboratory.

Faculty are able to indicate when they will be accepting rotation students and how many students they expect to be able to accept into their laboratories. To indicate your rotation and permanent lab availability please go to Rotation and Lab Openings.

Faculty are to submit an evaluation of their rotation students at the end of each rotation period. Please use the Rotation Evaluation Form to enter your feedback.


2020-2021 Rotation Schedule

Rotation Date Notify  Graduate Advisor
1 9/21 to 11/24 9/16
2 11/30 to 2/19 11/25
3 2/22 to 4/30 2/17
4 5/12 to 6/26 5/6

Grace Period: 5/4-5/6
Permanent Lab Placement: 5/7-5/8
Thesis Lab Placement: 5/7