Interview Weekend 2020

Additional Information

Hotel Accommodations

  • Interviewees will stay at the Hotel Shattuck Plaza. If you live in the area, but not near Berkeley, we recommend that you stay over in the hotel because some activities may end late.
  • Interviewees will share a room.

Recommended Attire

  • Expect temperatures between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Friday - Interviews with faculty are business casual, though you may see some faculty in jeans. No one will be wearing suits. Since campus is on a hill, walking shoes are recommended. Casual dress is recommended for the evening dinner.
  • Saturday - Plan and pack accordingly. Wear casual and comfortable clothing for the excursion you will be participating in. You will definitely want to wear comfortable hiking shoes and layered clothing if you are going on the Bay Area hike or San Francisco city tour. A coat for all evenings is recommended.

Important Documents

Please have a government-issued ID with you at all times. This is for two reasons:

    1. Some buildings, on and off campus, require a government ID for access.
    2. You may want to attend activities that will require you to show ID.


    For information about how to submit requests for travel and expense reimbursements please visit:


    Welcome to the Interview Weekend information page. It is our goal to provide a productive and informative visit. Please peruse the information on this web page carefully. It contains all you will need for travel, reimbursements and what to expect on January 23-26 when you come to UC Berkeley.

    Your hosts for the weekend...
    Tim Jeffers and Victor Reyes-Umaña| Graduate Students
    Rocio Sanchez | Graduate Student Affairs Adviser | 510.642.5167


    Thursday 1.23
    4-5:30 pm

    Campus Tour (optional) – Leah and Nanticha will meet interviewees at the hotel lobby at 4:00pm.

    6-8 pm

    Dinner at Sliver with graduate students; Zoila, Becky, Nanticha, and Sean will meet interviewees at the hotel lobby to walk over to Sliver.

    Friday 1.24
    8-10 am Breakfast, introductions with department Chair John Coates. Erin and Tim will meet interviewees at the hotel lobby promptly at 8am to walk to campus.
    10:15am -12:15pm

    Faculty meetings and tours (part 1). Interviewees refer to personal schedule.

    12:15-1:15 pm Lunch with faculty in the 5th floor conference room in Li Ka Shing.
    1:30-4:15 pm

    Faculty meetings and tours (part 2).  Interviewees refer to personal schedule.

    5:10-8:30 pm Dinner with faculty and graduate students in The Home Room at the International House. Becky, Blake and Brady will walk interviewees promptly at 5:10 pm from the Hotel Shattuck Plaza to dinner.
    Saturday 1.25
    8-9 am Breakfast with graduate students in 338 Koshland Hall
    9 am-4 pm Excursions to points of interest in the Bay Area with graduate students.
    6 pm

    Dinner at local restaurants with graduate students. Interviewees will sign-up in advance. A reservation list will be posted in the grad pad (374 Koshland).  After dinner, interviewees may attend a social hosted by our graduate students or return to the hotel.