Data Storage - Box, Google, BCourses

How to Store Your Data at UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley now offers a number of expanded storage options for faculty, students, and staff that greatly improve and enlarge your options for online collaboration, communication, and collection of data.

First off, Google now permits unlimited storage for everyone with an account.

In addition, there are two expanded options for faculty and staff, other than Google docs, for creating and storing data.


Box,, is an online (in the cloud) data storage option that is quite robust. It is searchable, shareable and allows easy collaboration within the university as well as ways to connect with others outside of the university. At the present time the Box quote is 50gb.

Combining Box and a Department Account

Combining Box and a Cal Net Special Purpose account is another huge advantage. In this setup, ownership and control of all of the items in the folder stays with the CalNet Special Purpose Account rather than each individual's account, as it does when uploaded to Google. In that scenario, a department or a lab can keep control within the department or lab, which makes it easier as people arrive and depart.


Link to Box:

Chart explaining the difference between BDrive (Google), Box, CalShare, and BCourses as online storage and communication applications.

Request more space on Box

Request Box and a CalNet Special Purpose Account (departmental account that would shift ownership to a department or lab as opposed to an individual)

For questions contact Joanne Straley:, 510.735.4249, Koshland 111