There are two seminar committees, one for Plant and one for Micro.

The charge for both committees is coordinating the Plant or Micro Seminar Series, held during the academic year. Generally there are 7 slots for Plant and 7 for Micro each semester. The seminar calendars should be filled in approximately 6-12 months prior to a particular semester.

Choosing speakers well in advance enables our faculty, postdocs and grad students to invite a solid slate of speakers and get on other academic's schedules.

Speakers lined up well in advance also save the department money, as hotel and air reservations can be purchased at the most cost-effective times.


Faculty on each committee decide whom to invite. Personal invitations should be extended by faculty directly to the potential speaker. Once a speaker is confirmed, PMB support staff will make travel and lodging plans, but the responsbility for the Speaker's schedule during the visit to campus remains the responsbility of the host.

Priority in the Seminar Calendar should be given to our Endowed Lectures:

  • Arnon - Speaker chosen by the Arnon Committee. Seminar generally held first Wednesday in March.
    • Includes a Reception immediately following the Seminar. Usually held in Koshland 338.
    • Includes a reception and dinner at the Faculty Club. Members of the Arnon family are invited, along with Faculty and the Arnon Fellow.
    • Speaker usually stays at the Women's Faculty Club.
    • Honorarium is $1,000.
  • Tsujimoto - Speaker chosen by graduate students in the Department. Seminar held during Fall Semester.
    • Honorarium is $1,000.
  • Buchanan - Speaker chosen by postdocs in the Department. Seminar held during Spring Semester.
    • Includes a Reception immediately following the Seminar. Usually held in Koshland 338.
    • Honorarium is $1,000.
  • Taylor-White - Speaker is chosen by the Taylor-White Committee.
    • Honorarium is $1,000.

Once those dates are lined up and confirmed, the Committee may fill in remaining slots with other speakers.