All employees in the department and its labs, including students and volunteers, must fill out Human Resources paperwork. Please contact Shared Services - Human Resources to put in a ticket to hire a new employee or lab volunteer. Important links for the services below are listed on the menu on the left.

PMB support Staff

After being hired all employees must connect with the staff in Koshland 111 to be added to the department web site directories and listservs. Please make an appointment by contacting:

Karyn Houston  |    pmbdesk@berkeley.edu   |   510.642.9999

All postdocs, grad students and lab staff may build a web page on our site, pmb.berkeley.edu. Please contact Karyn for additional information on setting up your web page.

Cardkey / Building Access

In order to get access to our buildings and labs, all new employees must get in contact with:

Tony Gamez | gamez32@berkeley.edu | 510.643.5252

Requests can be made Tues-Thurs 9-11 am and 2-3 pm at 54 Mulford Hall.


If you plan to make purchases for your lab please visit BearBuy.

For additional purchasing power please take the Bear Buy training.


All employees who would like to be notified of department events should be added to our mailing lists. The way the lists work is that each new employee is categorized - postdoc, etc. - then entered into that mailing list subgroup, which feeds to to the PMB Department mailing list.

The other additional list of importance is Seminars, where our seminars and those of other departments where the seminar is of interest to us, are announced.

To sign up for the PMB Seminar List and PMB Department List please contact Mayra De La Cruz at 510.642.9999 or email mayradelacruz@berkeley.edu or stop by Koshland 111.